This Month in Stafford County History-July 2016

The Stafford Telephone Company was founded in mid-July, 1904 though the name soon changed to the Toluca and Fredericksburg Telephone Company.  The first board of directors consisted of Hugh Adie, president; Charles A. Bryan, secretary; and the Conway, Gordon and Garnett National Bank, treasurer.  Other board members were Marion K. Lowry, Napoleon B. Musselman, Edgar S. Moore, Dr. Robert J. Payne, Robert A. Moncure, and Capt. Wesley Knight.  After Robert A. Moncure's death in 1923, his daughter, Miss Anne E. Moncure, managed the company from her home, The Fleurry's (now the site of Aquia Town Center shopping center).  The company provided telephone service to Stafford until being bought by the Central Mutual Telephone Company in 1947.