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These items are available to the purchaser for personal use or as a special gift to someone interested in history or in the county itself. Proceeds are to support development and operation of a museum.

Below are a few of our partners that carry some of our merchandise:

Olde Virginia Gourmet
261 Garrisonville Rd
Suite 109
Stafford, Virginia 22554
(540) 720-3901

Stafford County Courthouse
1300 Courthouse Rd
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 658-8750

Visitor Center at Belmont


Title: A History of Our Own: Stafford County, Virginia
Author:  Albert Z. Conner Jr.
Additional Info:  (Virginia Beach, VA: The Donning Company Publishers, 2003) (hard cover; 280 pp)
Price: $30

Title: Lincoln in Stafford
Author: Jane Hollenbeck Conner
Additional Info: (Stafford, VA: Parker Publishing, LLC, 2006) (soft cover; 89 pp)
Price: $15

Title: Sinners, Saints and Soldiers in the Civil War
Author: Jane Hollenbeck Conner
Additional Info: (soft cover; 115 pp)
Price: $15

Title: Birthstone of the White House and Capitol
Author: Jane Hollenbeck Conner
Additional Info: (soft cover, 224 pp)
Price: $20

Title: More Than A Cookbook, A Flavorful Heritage
Author: Stafford County Historical Society
Additional Info: (soft cover; 448 pp)
Price: $10.00
[Currently discontinued. Check back for more info..]

*All proceeds from these books go to the Society's Stafford Museum Fund.

Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are created annually and represent Stafford's historically significant people, places and events. They are ~ 2.5 inch ovals and made of 24K gold-layered brass by artisans in Williamsburg, Virginia. The entire collection includes:

  • The Godspeed Ship 2006
  • Pocahontas
  • Captain John Smith
  • Abraham Lincoln in Stafford
  • George Mason's Boyhood Home
  • Stafford County Courthouse

All ornaments are $10.00 each.  A $3 convenience fee each is added to credit/debit card purchases.

Note cards

Notecards Sold at Stafford County Historical Society

Box of 10 for $5


SCHS throw Stafford County Historical Society

These are available in Hunter Green or Cranberry Red
They show 10 historic sites
$40.00 for size 76”x52”

To purchase directly from the Society:

Please contact us via the Contact Us page

*All proceeds from sales are to be used for a Stafford Museum and Cultural Center.