This Month in Stafford County History – December 2016

From at least the 1720s until about 1930 Coal Landing on Aquia Creek was a major commercial shipping point.  By the 1890s, vast quantities of lumber, cordwood, railroad ties, and other commodities were being shipped through here.  One newspaper article reported:


"Coal Landing, on Aquia Creek, is then port of entry for Stafford, and shipments form that point amount, in round numbers, to $100,000 per annum.  Mr. R. L. Flatford estimates his business at $50,000 per annum alone. These shipments are chiefly of timber.  Mr. N. B. Musselman, a merchant above Garrisonville, estimates his shipment of eggs for '92 at about 27,000 dozen.  Most of the merchants buy their goods in Alexandria and get their goods at this landing.  Four longboats are owned in the county, one by Capt. Wesley Knight, two by R. L. Flatford esq., and one by Messrs. J. B. Mountjoy and W. M. Decatur.  Coal Landing is about nine miles from the mouth of Aquia Creek" (Alexandria Gazette, Dec. 3, 1892).


Some of the individuals mentioned in the article are:

Robert Lawrence Flatford (1852-1898)

James Bernard Mountjoy (1852-1927)

Napoleon Bailey Musselman (1865-1921)

John Wesley Knight (1846-1937)