This Month in Stafford County History – March 2017

In March 1871, Frederick Douglass and his son rode form aquia Landing to Alexandria aboard the mail steamer Georgeanna.  A newspaper reported:

"On the Aquia Creek boat, when the dinner gong sounded, the San Domingo commissioners and suite proceeded to the dining-room, but upon reaching the door, Frederick Douglass was refused admission on account of his color, when the entire party retired, and came to this city dinnerless.  The matter coming to the knowledge of Mr. Sumner, he offered in the Senate, yesterday morning, a resolution directing the committee on the District of Columbia to inquire into the circumstances of the exclusion of Frederick Douglass and son from the common privilege of travelers in the mail steamer between Aquia Creek and Washington.  The resolution was objected to by Mr. Bayard, and was not received" (Daily State Journal, Mar. 29, 1871).