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Community Gives

If you have tried to donate to the SCHS, you may have noticed that there are issues with the Community Gives website.  The folks at Community Gives have decided to leave open the ability to donate until noon on May 4, 2016.  We do hope you will continue to try to donate to us.

To those who have already donated:  Thank you.

Community Gives


Dear Friend of Stafford County History. The Stafford County HIstorical Society is participating in the Community Give again this year for the purpose of raising funds to repair or replace the roof on historic Hobby School in Falmouth. Please consider helping the HIstorical Society complete this important project. We need to raise $7,000 to replace the roof on Hobby School (pictured below).  Please click here to donate on May 3rd.  Please be aware the donation link will not appear until Tuesday, May 3rd.

hobby school

History Gardens

We are looking for volunteers to help with the history gardens in 2016.  If you are interested, please, drop us a note at